Recipes Passed Down From Great Grandma Mixed with our Scientific Backgrounds Creating Quality Products

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Science Mixed with Nature Creating Quality Pet Care - Use promo code free ship on orders over $45

Veterinarian Approved

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Madie in Washington - use promo code free ship on orders over $45

Scented Leave-In Conditioners

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Veterinarian Approved - Free Shipping on orders over $45 - Use promo code Free Ship

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Check out our Event's page to see where we will be in support of rescues, ethical breeding of all animals and sound practices of labeling  product ingredients for animals as well as humans.

About Seattle Pet Products

Our pet care products are derived from recipes passed down from our great grandmother, used by our family for generations on us and our animals. Our backgrounds (including PhDs) in organic chemistry and research complement the historical recipes with science to create quality all natural products; for our own research we have been previously funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity, and National Science Foundation.

Seattle Pet Products is dedicated to delivering the highest quality pet products using quality ingredients sourced locally and in the U.S. That dedication means we deliver ingredients that combine natural, USDA certified organic, and Oregon Certified Organic in our plant based recipes. Our team of PhDs adds innovation from science to historically tested products from nature.

Inspired by our bulldog, Maddie, we provide natural solutions to tear stains, cleaning yeast, cleansing skin folds, repelling bugs, gently caring for paws, and more.

With products from Seattle Pet Products, “You smell like a dog” is a good thing!

  Pride in our products

Our first products include easy application Bug Repellent sprays and roll-on applicators with soothing citronella and peppermint oil. Our second to market product is our Lavender puppy & kitten safe shampoo and conditioner for shinier and healthier coats. Our between-bath coat conditioners are also a detangling leave-in conditioner with a convenient spray for a shinier and healthier coat. Our leave-in scented coat conditioners are a blend of botanicals and soothing scents that help with tangle free coats.

At Seattle Pet Products we carry shampoo and conditioner sets for pets with extra sensitive skin.  Try our naturally hypo-allergenic shampoos and conditioners with organic Citrus extract, or our soothing Lavender, or Peppermint formulas. For an added clean, our parabin- and filler-free Ick Be Gone in cucumber regular strength and minty extra strength are the ideal solution for cleaning and deodorizing noses, paws, booty, and vaginal areas, and any topical area on your pet. These cleansing and moisturizing formulas are perfect for everyday use.

Then there is grandma's secret to soothing us and our pets. Our Secret Soothing Scent comes in a roll-on that is easy to use, easy to carry with you, and has worked on our furamily for generations. Some of our pets had travel anxiety and others just simply got nervous. Grandma's soothing formula has a pleasant smell that soothes and like all our other products, it also conditions the skin.

We are confident in our products and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see our return policy for details).

  Guiding Principles 

Seattle Pet Products is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products using only the best ingredients the Earth has to offer. Our Guiding Principles keep us centered and always remembering who are, where we came from, and why we are here. Click this link for  what it means to be natural and organic. 

  Where we came from

We decided to go to market when other pet owners asked why our pets smelled so good and how our pet’s fur was so healthy. Our response, "it is what we grew up on; my great grandma made it and she taught grandma and my mother and now we are making it." Above is a photo of Grandma Rose and her beloved pup. The story is told that great grandma first started documenting her recipes based on her Bar Shampoo. We find the bar shampoo perfect for traveling, especially for hiking as it is biodegradable and won't spill! Grandma Rose passed her recipes down to us. Check out our Roots page for more history on our company and products. 

Joann is the founder of aOaO™ her mother used the original products on her as a child. Joann is a PhD but she says she is a mother, wife, and grandmother first. Her reason for making this a company is to share the amazing products, provide a natural alternative for pets, and to do her part to make a difference with a company that cares about animals, humans, and the environment. Joann has been funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, AmeriCorps, and others for her work and research. Joann is pictured here with her best friend Maddie and with her son Joey. 

Maddie and Me

Elly is our marketing guru and the great, great grand daughter of our recipe originator. Elly has been using the products her entire life, on herself and her animals.  Elly founded and organized the "Bull-O-Ween Bulldog Rescue Event" held annually in Washington state. Bull-O-Ween is a fundraiser for any squished faced dogs and a family friendly event with dog and kiddo costume contests. Elly is pictured below with her beloved rescue angel Marylin and her parents Evan and Joann. 

Elly and Marylin

Matt, our Chief Scientific Officer, was inspired in his high school chemistry class to pursue science and went on to earn chemistry degrees from Grinnell College (BA) and Cornell University (PhD). By the time Matt was 22 he knew he wanted to pursue a career in academics and business.  Matt was mentored by a founder of a successful start-up drug-discovery company in the Research Triangle Park (NC). While pursuing postdoctoral studies at The Scripps Research Institute (CA), Matt was mentored by an academic and entrepreneur.  Currently, he teaches organic chemistry at a university in the Pacific Northwest.  While teaching, his research included testing for molecules similar to BPA in canned dog food and exploring the medicinal properties of plant molecules, a.k.a. botanicals.   He is driven to bring a truly organic experience to our dear family pets. He embraces all things organic – molecules and dogs. 

Matt and Jack