The Rich Coat Conditioner is sold for those of you who want a conditioner that will revitalize the fur yet be gentle on the skin. This conditioner is meant to be used on clean and wet fur and to be rinsed thoroughly. 

The Scented Coat Conditioners, Detanglers, Leave-In Conditioners, Pawfumes™ and Clawlognes™, are made with natural proven fur conditioners and lovely patent pending mixtures of botanical scents. The scents are welcoming to visitors who may not be used to our pets smells. 

Several of our leave-in conditioners and detanglers also double as bug repellents, Dawn, Winter, Forest, and River. 

To help with soothing our detanglers and leave-in Conditioners, Rain, Forest, Drizzle, Fresh, Peace, and Warm have patent pending botanical blends you will love for your pets!