There are no water or other fillers added to Seattle Pet Products shampoo and conditioners. No water, detergents, or other fillers means each concentrated product bottle goes a long way. It also means without detergents our shampoos will not lather up like those with harsh detergents. Using plenty of warm water, a few pumps of shampoo, and massaging the shampoo through your pets fur will leave them clean. Add more warm water and a bit more shampoo if you like more lather.  Our shampoos are biodegradable so take them hiking and have fun bathing with your dog in the river! 

After a long workout, hike in the woods, or a day of entertaining, a refreshing bath feels really great! But harsh detergents can dry out sensitive skin or even cause allergic reactions. Shampoos and Conditioners, like all products by Seattle Pet Products contains all-natural and certified organic essential oils and essential waters that boost moisture and keep your pet’s fur silky and shiny.  

Our Shampoos come in 3 botanical mixtures, Citrus, Peppermint, and Lavender. 

Pair our shampoos with our rich conditioner for full fur and skin care.